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Activate Urdu language support and install necessary Urdu Fonts so you can type in Urdu in text editing applications and on social media sites

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Pak Urdu Installer is created to help you add the Urdu language to your computer so you can use it in both text editing applications and in your Internet browser.

The installer does all the work for you. It automatically adds the language to the ‘Region and Language’ settings of your operating system. It even adds the specific icon to the language bar. After the installation is complete, a computer restart is all you need to start writing in Urdu on your computer.

Your Windows operating system already supports the Urdu language but it does require the Pak Urdu Installer to add the Urdu fonts and keyboard layout, as well as to activates Urdu language support.

After installation, Pak Urdu Installer creates a shortcut icon on your desktop that leads to a tutorial document. It describes and explains in detail all the changes that occur when switching to the Urdu typing language.

The document proves extremely helpful as it shows you how the keyboard layout changes when the Urdu language is activated. You get a visual representation of the key arrangement in normal mode, when ‘Shift’ is pressed as well other key combinations.

Pak Urdu Installer also solves a more complex problem concerning the correspondence between the pressed key and what it actually types. By default, when adding the Urdu language in Windows without installing Pak Urdu Installer, pressing the ‘A’ key adds ‘MEEH’ whilst after installing this pack the keyboard is converted to a phonetic keyboard layout. This way, ‘A’ becomes ‘ALIF’, just as it is normally used by people in Pakistan.

Pak Urdu Installer grants you complete Unicode support for Urdu and enables you to write in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications that support text. You can also use it to type Urdu in emails and social media services like Facebook and Twitter.

Pak Urdu Installer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 7th, 2013

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