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Migrate volumes or whole computers into a Parallels virtual machine in a few simple steps using this comprehensive software solution

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Parallels Transporter Agent is an application that offers you a simple means in which you can transfer files from your Windows operating system to a Mac computer.

With it, you are able to migrate work documents, pictures, tracks, movies, applications and anything you can think of, from a remote computer to a virtual machine using a USB cable, network connection or an external storage device.

To be able to use it on your Windows PC, the equivalent application needs to be installed on the Mac computer as well because the second one generates an unique code that is used to connect the two devices.

Parallels Transporter Agent displays an intuitive interface which makes it very easy to use. This is due to the fact that it uses a direct link between the two computers which is not at all hard to establish and because the application has a wizard like approach for the entire transfer process.

If you are looking to migrate a Windows PC to a Mac, then you need to set the type of transfer from the latter. After that, you get to choose the way in which the applications you transfer are used. Parallels Transporter Agent allows you to select the location on the PC that you want to transfer and displays the required and available storage space on the target device or system.

The transfer process, measured in time, depends on the hardware configuration of the computers, connection speed and of course, the size of the files so you can expect fairly long waiting times in some cases. Moreover, if you plan to migrate Windows applications that are registered, there is a good chance that you will need to re enter the licenses after the transfer is complete.

In closing, Parallels Transporter Agent is a very practical and reliable solution for when you want to get access to files on a Windows PC from a Mac or create a backup for it.

Parallels Transporter Agent was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 14th, 2015
Parallels Transporter Agent - The application's main window allows users to select the type of transfer they want to performParallels Transporter Agent - When selecting to transfer files from a computer to another using an external hard drive, the tool automatically collects info on the PCParallels Transporter Agent - Users can choose to enable the Automatic Logon option when transferring data, so that they won't need to input it each time the machine restartsParallels Transporter Agent - screenshot #4Parallels Transporter Agent - screenshot #5Parallels Transporter Agent - screenshot #6Parallels Transporter Agent - screenshot #7