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An enhanced version of the 'Run' dialog box that allows you to quickly access special folders in Windows and keeps the history of commands

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QRun extends the standard functionality of the 'Run' dialog box of the Windows operating system, adding new options and shortcuts that are meant to enhance the user experience.

The default 'Run' window allows you to launch an application, open a folder, navigate to an Internet address or open a document. You can do all that with QRun as well, but much easier, avoiding manual typing.

The new dialog that QRun implements features options to browse your computer for a directory or a file. The resource selection tool also allows one-click access to a built-in calendar and a calculator. Nothing special about that, you'd say. But QRun can reduce the time you need for locating a file or a document by allowing you to conveniently enter the path of a special folder in Windows, all with a single click.

For instance, you can enter the location of the Desktop, the 'Documents' directory, the Sky Drive storage folder, Recent Documents, Program Files, 'Quick Launch', 'System32' or the 'Startup' directories. This helps you execute certain actions without having to remember parameters.

One of its most noteworthy features is the command menu, which comprises custom macro commands. This option is dedicated to more advanced users, who are able to create actions and run them with QRun as macro scripts.

Also, the application is capable of storing all the commands you enter within a special history file, enabling you to quickly reload an action by using the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys.

QRun seamlessly integrates with win-bash and includes a special menu that contains GNU bash commands, enabling you to execute them with just a few clicks.

While some improvements wouldn't hurt (for instance, browsing the command history in a more convenient manner), QRun is worth having within reach. Thanks to its feature set, the 'Run' dialog box can become a tool that more and more users could consider for carrying out their daily tasks.

QRun was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 10th, 2014
QRun - QRun allows you to easily access special folders in Windows using the dedicated option in the 'Action' menu.

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