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Changes the display resolution only for the selected applications

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Display Changer is a lightweight, yet reliable application designed to alter the display resolution temporarily or permanently for the specified applications.

The use of such a program is required when a certain component is able to run only if a certain resolution is set as default or when you want to modify the display to a resolution that’s not provided by Windows.

No matter the circumstances, an application such as Display Changer is a good addition to any computer geek’s toolbox. Nevertheless, it relies on various command line switchers that should be handled with care, since some of the changes may damage the video adapter.

If used properly, Display Changer can pay the expected results without faulty behavior. Its main purpose is to run the specified application in a user-defined resolution and to return to the default screen settings once that program is closed.

It provides a wide array of command line options, which, if used in smart combinations will allow you to make adjustments not only to the resolution of the screen, but to the desktop height, width, color depth and refresh rate as well.

You can also set it to test the resolution before actually applying it, as well as to list all the monitors attached to your system and furthermore, to apply the same settings for all of them.

As a side note, the program will prevent you from running an unsupported display resolution, but you can force it to do it whatsoever, but at your own risk (this may cause problems with the video card).

On an ending note, Display Changer provides endless ways to play with your monitor resolution, as well as to rearrange monitors in a multi-display setup. The command line switches can be combined in order to produce convenient scenarios for applications that are picky in terms of resolution.

Display Changer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 18th, 2013
Display Changer - This is the info window of Display Changer where you can learn the parameters to use.Display Changer - The command prompt version provides information on the application's usage.

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