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Modify discretionary access control lists (DACLs) in order to get the ownerships of various files and folders from your system drives

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Ownership is nothing but a simple application software that helps a lot just by placing a new item within the context menu of both files and folders. Ownership, alongside permission are just a few of the NTFS advantages array over FAT file systems. This can be used to enhance the data security of your computer without any other dedicated software.

Owning the files and folders of your computer may seem as an idea that most users take for granted and that is one big problem as since Windows 8, you are less and less empowered by the operating system. What Microsoft actually does is entrust the user and even administrative users with the management of files and folders.

While this may seem like a precaution and a set of pro-active filters to keep the health of the operating systems intact, in the real world, you can really perceive it as being the passenger in the car you own and really want to drive. There are several ways, though, to take it back and this is what most power-users do as soon as the OS boots up for the first time.

Simply entitled Ownership, this particular application may seem useless to some more advanced users, as the same thing can be achieved manually in more or less time by tinkering with the registry of your machine. If you do not feel like taking the necessary time to learn how to do it by yourself, then Ownership is at hand.

The way that Windows 8 understands and makes use of the advantages the NTFS brings to the table is just one of a series of misinterpretations that landed in the final product. Its restrictiveness works only (if only) with novice users and does not have anything good to share with the intermediate as well as the advanced Windows users. Ownership is here to fight that unthoughtful limitation and take back what the user should have had in the first place.

Ownership was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on September 12th, 2014
Ownership - The main window of Ownership allows you to install or uninstall the shell extension with a single clickOwnership - The application integrates into your Windows context menu, enables you to take ownership of files and folders

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