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Serendipity Blackmagic - instantly create contract quality proofs from any RIP on any printer with no changes to your workflow





Serendipity Blackmagic will make proofs from ripped files. Place Serendipity Blackmagic on your network and instantly create contract quality proofs from any RIP on any printer with no changes to your workflow.

Serendipity Blackmagic version 3 includes completely new features as well as improvements on old features. The features which created the most excitement at recent trade shows are described below.

The FlipBook application provides a convenient way of viewing publications. Select FlipBook's "View 3D" option and you can literally flip through the publication. The publication can then be exported as PDF or QuickTime movie. The SoftProof application has a virtual loupe which displays the job at 100% wherever it is positioned. Use the MonitorCalibrator and any supported spectrophotometer to calibrate your monitor and create monitor ICC profiles which can be used in Blackmagic for dramatically improved colour accuracy.

Use any double-sided Postscript[tm] or PCL5 compatible printer to create full-colour or black-and-white "dummies" of your books. An intuitive user interface lets you select the jobs you wish to deimpose, assign a deimpostion signature to each and then let Serendipity Blackmagic do the rest for you. No folding and no cutting required.

Especially useful for high-volume production and quick turn-around sites, the new clustering feature will let you use more than one computer to process jobs. A master machine will determine how jobs are distributed across a cluster of networked Serendipity Blackmagic slaves so you never miss your deadlines again.

Real life inks often have characteristics which are difficult to simulate digitally. The new Plate Paint Modes are a step towards more realistic simulation. A plate can be assigned any one of these paint modes:
Overprint, traditional mixing of channels
Knockout, all channels of the top plate dominate those of the plates bellow it
Primer, white ink simulation
Opaque, variable opacity to simulate metallic or other special inks
Last updated on August 11th, 2014

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