Start applications with elevated rights without needing administrator credentials
The SuRun program was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to start applications with elevated rights without needing administrator credentials. 

The idea is simple and was taken from SuDown. The user usually works with the pc as standard user with limited rights. If a program needs administrative rights, the user starts "SuRun ".

SuRun then asks the user in a secure desktop if should really be run with administrative rights. If the user acknowledges, SuRun will start AS THE CURRENT USER but WITH ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS. 

SuRun uses an own Windows service to start administrative processes. It does not require nor store any user passwords (in non domain scenarios).

To use SuRun a user must be member of the local user group "SuRunners". If the user is no member of "SuRunners" and tries to use SuRun, (s)he will be asked to join "SuRunners". The user must either be an administrator or enter administrator credentials to join the SuRunners group. (SuRun does not store any administrator credentials!)

Members of "SuRunners" can be restricted so that they must not change SuRuns settings and to be able to only start predefined applications with elevated rights. So parents can allow their children to play games that require administrative rights without loosing control of the system. Also employees can be allowed to run several applications with elevated rights without being able to change the system.

SuRun installs a system wide hook that appends "Start as Administrator..." and "Restart as Administrator..." to the system menu of every application that does not run as administrator.

That enables doing things that you otherwise could not do, e.g. setting the Windows clock by double clicking it in the task bar notification area would normally display a "Access denied" Message and exit. With SuRun you are able to right click the Caption, choose "Restart as Administrator..." and to finally set the clock.

SuRun integrates with the windows shell and adds "Start as Administrator..." to the Shell context menu of bat, cmd, cpl, exe, lnk, msi, msc and reg files. It also adds "'SuRun cmd' here" and "'SuRun Explorer' here" to the context menu of folders and "Control panel as administrator" to the Desktop context menu. 

Command line switches:

SuRuns supports the following command line:

"SuRun [options] [ [parameters]]" to start as Administrator.

/BACKUP backup "SuRun Settings" to
/INSTALL Install SuRun unattended
/INSTALL Install SuRun unattended and do "SuRun /RESTORE "
/QUIET do not display an messages
/RESTORE restore "SuRun Settings" from
/RETPID return the process ID of the elevated process
/RUNAS start as different user
/SETUP start "SuRun Settings"
/SWITCHTO Switch Desktop to the session of "User"
/SWITCHTO Switch Desktop to logon session [0,1,2...]
/UNINSTALL remove SuRun from the system
/WAIT wait until the elevated process exits

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July 28th, 2012, 19:42 GMT
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Kay Bruns
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Windows 2K / XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 2003
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  • NEW: French resources by Laurent Hilsz. Thanks!
  • NEW: Portuguese language resources by "the.magic.silver.bullet" Thanks!
  • NEW: Command "SuRun: Empty recycle bin" in Recycle Bin context menu
  • NEW: In Vista and Win7 SuRun's system menu and context menu entries show a SuRun Shield icon
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