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Will help you reorder buttons on the taskbar, hide applications, stop unwanted startup programs.






If you are a Windows power user, have you ever wondered if your computer could prioritize your work view while you are multitasking? The taskbar gets cluttered with windows and it becomes annoying to switch between windows.

This desktop management tool will manage your taskbar and will enables you to work with those programs that are the most important to you, while the others are still running in the background.

You are only hiding these other windows without exiting or terminating them. The Taskbar Manager will also make them visible as and when you need them. You can use it to reorder the application windows tabs as suitable to you. Switch to Startup Manager to view the list of startup programs.

You can either choose to enable or disable all the startup programs. There is also a facility to set the system to auto shutdown or log off. The result of using this utility is better control over your working applications and more productivity.

You can also use Taskbar Manager to stop unwanted applications running at system startup.

Taskbar Manager has the ability to perform automatic shutdown of your computer system. You can schedule your computer to shut down, restart or log off at a specified time or after some specified time-period has expired.

This feature is useful when you forget to shutdown your machine or go to sleep at night while watching a boring movie. You have more options when you use this facility than following procedure of clicking on Start --> Shutdown.

Here are some key features of "Taskbar Manager":

■ Hide and Show applications
■ Drag and Drop buttons on taskbar and change their order as you wish
■ Save and Restore order of taskbar buttons
■ Disable annoying Startup programs
■ Schedule automatic computer shutdown/logoff/restart
■ Quick shortcuts to shutdown, logoff or reboot your machine


■ 30 days trial period
■ Nag screen
Last updated on February 8th, 2008
Taskbar Manager - This is the way Taskbar Manager will be displayed in your system tray, offering quick access to its main functions.Taskbar Manager - This is the main window of Taskbar Manager where you can reorder the tasbar applications, the startup ones and shutdown settings.Taskbar Manager - The Options window of Taskbar Manager will allow you to adjust the default configuration according to your needs.

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