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A simple to use software solution that allows you to create easy access shortcuts to URLs, files, folders and other installed applications

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Having a quick means of accessing files, folders, applications and URLs always comes in handy and most of the times this is possible by using the shortcuts found on your desktop.

These however can add up in numbers, take up space and at times become hard to spot. This is why it’s important to be able to organize the shortcuts and make them invisible when they are not needed.

SideBar is a reliable application designed to help you dock all kinds of shortcuts and organize them in custom folders. You can use it to store quick access for URLs, files, folders, applications and network paths.

The sidebar displays a user-friendly interface, minimalistic you can say as it only consists of a simple colored background and the names of the shortcuts you add. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage to it in any way because while not having a complex structure, it doesn’t take up system resources which means that it always runs smoothly.

SideBar comes with an autohide feature but if needed, you can pin it to always be visible. With this application you are able to store your shortcuts into groups which act as folders that contain the shortcuts. You can rename them at any time, change their order and even customize their color.

It also comes with a quick access system tray icon that you can use to show or hide the sidebar, as well as change its transparency and docking position. Everything is straightforward and works without any glitches which makes SideBar a very practical and reliable enhancement for your operating system.

Items are added to the sidebar by simply providing them with a name and, in a text field, entering either the URL, file or application path. It all takes just a few clicks.

In closing, SideBar is by all means a tool you can use both at home and at the office.

SideBar was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 1st, 2015
SideBar - SideBar enables you to use a sidebar in which you can store shortcuts to various URLs, files and folders on your computer.SideBar - The application also creates a system tray icon that allows you to set the opacity and docking position.SideBar - From the Settings window, you are able to enter the title of the sidebar, show stocks, as well as view the calendar.

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