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Turn any surface into a touch screen with this intuitive and flexible application that works with most OpenNI compatible devices






Touchscreen technologies have revolutionized the way people interact with various devices and have generally made most complex tasks more accessible to users.

Touchless Touch is an attempt to bring the touchscreen technology to virtually any surface, by means of third-party sensors.

Specifically, the program requires external sensors to detect motion and intermediate between humans and the tool.

Compatible devices include Kinect or OpenNI/Primesense sensors and the utility can process information from as many as four concurrent devices.

That being said, the performance of the entire process largely depends upon the placement of the external devices, as these feed the application with data.

Detailed explanations are given in the accompanying manual and newcomers are well-advised to peruse it before employing the program.

Calibrating the sensors is performed from within the application and the tool automatically detects the devices installed.

A preview frame also allows users to view the actual readings from the sensors, in real-time.

The calibration process can take some time to complete and may involve repeated tasks; however, once done, the utility will display a notification and users can start employing their new touchscreen.

Various settings can be adjusted, such as the minimum touch distance from the surface, the touch range, border clipping, as well as the ghost touch blocking strength.

The maximum touch points to be employed is set by default to 128, but users can reduce this figure; various tweaks can improve the overall experience, such as removing the Windows Start Screen, or the Charms Bar. If the tool performs under par, one can also disable Windows Touch Effects.
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
Touchless Touch - Touchless Touch allows several settings to be adjusted, including the maximum touch points used

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