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Change the windows border adding PNG support and transparency

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Tweaking Windows has always been a challenging job and nowadays there are quite a lot of dedicated utilities, some more complex, others rather specialized on tinkering with certain areas of the operating system.

TrueTransparency is one of the solutions that fall in the latter category and although it does only a single thing, it may still be worth your attention because it will bring a new level of transparency to your windows.

The application comes as a very light tool that adds a windows border with transparency, thus trying to make the operating system a bit more attractive throughout, without hampering computer performance at all.

During our tests, nonetheless, we did notice some performance problems caused by the app, mostly related to the window behavior when they are dragged around the desktop.

Although the utility remains light on computer resources, the rest of the windows, now with a more appealing border, seem to be seriously hindered, regardless of the enabled features.

TrueTransparency doesn't come with a proper interface. Instead, it sits in your system tray and right-clicking its icon provides access to all its options. These include the possibility to enable three different features, AeroShake, WinRoll and AeroSnap. The program also has some customization preferences, letting you choose between multiple skins.

To conclude, its safe to say that TrueTransparency is nothing more than a good tool that performs decently overall, in spite of some occasional glitches. The looks of the system windows are indeed very nice but the performance issues may deter some users from keeping it permanently no their systems.

TrueTransparency was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 28th, 2012
TrueTransparency - TrueTransparency will help you change the windows border adding PNG support and transparencyTrueTransparency - Users will be able to access the system tray icon in order to customize the settings of the application

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