UxTheme Patch for Windows 7

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Gives you the possibility to apply third-party themes that are not digitally signed in order to personalize your Windows 7 operating system

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Customizing the operating system is surely something many users have done or at least tried to do once in a while. The visual modifications are the most common you can try and besides adding a new screensaver or a couple of wallpapers, loading custom made themes would be a more interesting experience.

Since they can modify several key areas of the system, Microsoft has restricted the usage of third-party themes that are not digitally signed. However, there is a workaround that can allow you to give a better look to your Windows OS.

UxTheme Patch for Windows 7 is what you need to remove the above mentioned restriction and unlock a functionality that permits you to use system themes that even you can create. The package includes all the files you need for the operation, but please note that there is no installer.

Create backups before removing the Windows restriction

The components included in the archive should replace the similar system files in order to allow you to enjoy the full customization of the entire operating system interface. It is highly advisable to create backup copies of the original files because if something happens to go wrong, the system cannot re-create the initial components.

No setup included in the package

The three DLL files you will find in the downloaded package need no configuration, no supplementary dependencies, just copy them in the System32 folder. Prior to this, though, you should be logged in with Administrator privileges and take ownership of the target files and assign to you 'Full Control' permissions.

Bottom line

All in all, this OS enhancement can prove really useful for anyone who wishes to unveil a side of Windows 7 that is normally hidden from view. With UxTheme Patch for Windows 7 it takes a couple of minutes and a restart to be able to fully customize the appearance of your operating system.

UxTheme Patch for Windows 7 was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 25th, 2014

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