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Simple-to-configure program that helps you install language packs for Windows Vista and 7 even if you're not using the Ultimate version

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Getting along with the operating system involves, in many cases, a common language and in this respect Windows has quite a lot to offer. To enhance the internationalization capabilities there are also some standalone applications anyone can use.

Among this type of utilities there's Vistalizator, a software solution that's more aimed at users who want to increase productivity, but it can also help others who want to feel a bit more comfortable when using Microsoft's OS.

Install language packs for Windows Vista and 7

In just a few words, this program helps install language packs in Windows Vista and Windows 7 even if you're not using the Ultimate version, which by default comes with multi-language support.

What this program really does is pretty important for all users because they finally have the possibility to use the computer in their very own native language without having to upgrade to the more expensive edition.

Simple looks

The interface is minimal and you won't really need more than that because it really manages to help the application serve its purpose.

Adding languages is extremely easy, as it all comes down to downloading additional packages from the developer's website and installing them using the built-in function.


We tried it with one of the packs and it all worked fine. Please note that the whole process can take a while, up to 20 minutes as the developer warns, and you're also prompted to restart the computer in order to complete the procedure.

Bottom line

Overall, Vistalizator is a great utility for those who wish to use the computer in their native language and cannot afford to upgrade their Windows edition.

Vistalizator was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 10th, 2015
Vistalizator - Vistalizator will help you override the limit of one MUI language on non-Ultimate Vista / 7 editionsVistalizator - Users will be able to access options such as Add, Export All or change the interface language of the application within the Languages menuVistalizator - The Language Pack window will provide users with detailed information regarding the loaded pack

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