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Search tool relying on file indexing that helps find virtually anything on your PC including e-mail messages, calendar appointments, documents and more

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Windows Desktop Search has been designed to offer the user a quicker and more convenient way to find any type of files, regardless of the local path they are stored in.

Swift installation process

Installing the tool automatically removes any previous instances and does not require a computer restart. However, immediately after the procedure the program starts indexing some of the items in order to offer access to them in a lightning-fast fashion.

The tool is visible in the taskbar, near the system tray area and consists in a simple search bar where the query can be typed in.

If the index process completed, Windows Desktop Search automatically lists the available results as the search term is typed.

Scour the web for the right results

The search tool can also run searches on the web, which basically consist in launching Bing engine in Internet Explorer.

For a more targeted search the user can launch the application window, which provides the possibility to select the type of data that should be scoured in order to retrieve relevant results.

As such, Windows Desktop Search can look for music files, email data, documents or a slew of other file formats and types (presentations, contacts, email attachments, tasks, notes, etc.).

Lightning-fast search tool

Windows Desktop Search relies on file indexing to retrieve the results fast and with increased accuracy. It is extremely easy to use and it can be configured to look into a specific type of files in order to retrieve a more accurate list of results.

However, the tool has been developed for Windows XP and it does not function on modern operating systems.

Windows Search was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 12th, 2014
Windows Search - The application fits a search field on the taskbar and it retrieves the results as they are typedWindows Search - Among the options available in the application there is the possibility to save a search historyWindows Search - Searches can be carried out by specifying more details about the result, such as the file type format

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