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A small but powerful dock launcher

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Mac OS X remains an attraction even for those who prefer to have other operating systems running things on their machines. Mainly, this is because of the good looks, but there are also some features that most users would like to see on their PCs as well.

This is the case of the famous dock that Windows users can enjoy only through similar but not identical applications. Among them there's Y'z Dock, a lightweight tool that aims to bring the Mac OS X look and functionality to everyone.

The utility comes with fast launching capabilities and a great appearance that appeals to all user types. Y'z Dock includes features like magnification and transparency, alongside a generous settings menu that allows the detailed customization of its running options.

Besides the fact that you can use so-called docklets (tiny icons that provide real time information straight in the dock), in order to create quick launch shortcuts you can simply drag items and drop them on Y'z Dock.

The settings menu is very rich, so it has loads of customization options, including preferences regarding the program's behavior, position or performance. Another interesting aspect is that Y'z Dock remains rather friendly with computer resources all the time.

Overall, Y'z Dock is a nice tool for all those who want to experience a little bit of Mac OS X flavor. The looks and works are pretty decent, it is easy to use and with enough features to meet the needs and requirements of a lot of users.

Y'z Dock was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 9th, 2012
Y'z Dock - Y'z Dock enables you to customize the content of the dock bar and to change the shortcuts' positionY'z Dock - The Add Docklet window helps you add built-in widgets such as clock, CPU Monitor or Recycle BinY'z Dock - By accessing the Settings window the user can choose the size of the dock and its backgroundY'z Dock - screenshot #4Y'z Dock - screenshot #5Y'z Dock - screenshot #6Y'z Dock - screenshot #7Y'z Dock - screenshot #8

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