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This application allows you to monitor the status of multiple hardware components from your system in order to provide updated information

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ASUS NB Probe is a compact tool designed to retrieve valuable data from your computer hardware. The information allows you to keep an eye out for crowded hard drives and overheating CPUs.

Whether you are overclocking your computer or just want to know the exact temperature for the CPU, you need to use a hardware monitor. The Asus laptop users have the option of installing the ASUS NB Probe in order to retrieve information about the current system status.

The program is designed to run in the background and monitor all the essential components such as the processor, hard drive and the fan speed. Unfortunately, it can only monitor the CPU fan and not the others you might have installed on your system.

You can use this tool to view the file system and the available space on each of your hard drive partitions. ASUS NB Probe supports SMART and is able to notify you when the percentage drops below the limit by enabling the included alerter.

If you want to find out additional information, the program allows you to access the detailed system information. Unfortunately, you cannot export or print the characteristics in order to share them with other users.

Since the volume of information displayed in the interface is limited to the ones mentioned above, you might think about looking for another tool. Unfortunately, ASUS NB Probe has not been updated lately so new features are not expected in the future.

ASUS NB Probe was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 12th, 2013
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