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Find rogue programs taking up CPU, RAM, Disk Usage or Internet bandwidth, manage running processes and applications, as well as unlock every single item on the system

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Auslogics Task Manager is a straightforward and reliable piece of software geared towards users who need to view all the active applications, services, processes and locked files in an intuitive environment.

It relies on a short installation process, however, one needs to pay attention during installation, as the program comes bundled with third-party offers that need to be declined by those who do not want to make any changes to their PC.

Coming with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, divided into four different sections, namely ‘Applications’, ‘Services’, ‘Processes’ and ‘Locked Files’, the application comes in handy for both novice and advanced users.

What’s more, with the help of Auslogics Task Manager you are able to even find trojans or other threats hiding in legitimate processes and check them on the Internet.

As its name states, the ‘Applications’ section provides access to all of the available apps, displaying information such as task, CPU usage, memory, network, state and rating. Moreover, you are able to view four different graphs at the bottom of the window so you can track memory and CPU usage, used network bandwidth and disks.

In case you access the ‘Processes’ category, you can view all the running processes as well as use the right-click menu if you want to kill a process, set its priority and analyze the file properties, but also search for information available on the Internet. This option is quite helpful when you need to identify if any malware activity is presented in your PC.

The ‘Services’ section boasts the same features as the Service Manager tool bundled into Windows. It enables you to stop or start specific services, view their status and startup type. Finally, the ‘Locked Files’ panel allows you to unlock every single item on the system.

During our tests, we noticed that Auslogics Task Manager worked seamlessly on our computers, being able to control running processes and applications effortlessly.

Considering all of the above, Auslogics Task Manager comprises many advanced utilities that help you to manage Windows services and locked files and view which applications are consuming network traffic.

Auslogics Task Manager was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Auslogics Task Manager - Auslogics Task Manager will help you find rogue programs taking up CPU, RAM, Disk Usage or Internet bandwidthAuslogics Task Manager - The Processes section will display a list of all opened processes and allow users to terminate or view their propertiesAuslogics Task Manager - Users will be able to Stop Services, Go to Process or view the File Properties within the Services sectionAuslogics Task ManagerAuslogics Task ManagerAuslogics Task ManagerAuslogics Task Manager

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