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A low battery alert utility for portable computers that can notify of power drainage every 10 percent for keeping tabs of battery efficiency

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Battery charge reports from the built-in monitoring tools available on portable computers are responsible for alerting the user when the power reaches a specific warning or critical level.

However, some users may need the option for more frequent notifications in order to be aware of the current performance of the battery.

Purpose and installation

Created using AutoHotkey scripting language, BatteryDeley is a simple application that provides the possibility to receive charge level information more often. By default, it is configured to issue a notification mostly when it records a 10% drop in stored power.

You don’t have to go through an installation procedure to have the program running as it can be launched by simply deploying the executable file. It sits quietly in the system tray area and when the time comes it pops both an audio and a visual alert on the screen.

Customizing the settings

Although there is no interface available apart from what you see in the system tray, BatteryDeley makes available a file with customization settings. It is not what most users might expect but it includes the necessary explanations to make the program work your way.

You can enable images to be displayed for each alert as well as personalize the sound. More than this, it permits defining new values for the duration of the on-screen pop-up and when these should appear.


BatteryDeley does not comprise its own algorithm for verifying the charge level of the battery as it extracts this information from the built-in monitoring tool. However, it can help you keep the battery charge level in check by emitting alerts more often than the default software available in the portable computer.

BatteryDeley was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 14th, 2014
BatteryDeley - You can view your current battery status in the tray menu.BatteryDeley - From here you can edit the settings of the application.

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