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A small and portable application that provides information concerning beep codes for multiple BIOS manufacturers, helping you diagnose your system

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When your computer boots, its configuration is tested by the 'Power On Self Test' (in short, POST) in order to make sure that all the hardware components are functioning properly. If everything is fine, you should hear one (or two, for some manufacturers) beep and the PC should start booting the operating system. On the other side, if an error occurs, the system usually displays a so-called 'beep code', letting the user know what the problem is.

Beep Codes Viewer is an application that includes a list of common issues, allowing you to interpret beep codes for some of the most popular BIOS manufacturers, such as AMI, AST, AWARD, Compaq, IBM and Phoenix.

The application is practically a collection of explanations on each code that might be displayed by a nonfunctioning system. Its forthright interface comprises several tabs, one for each manufacturer.

Clicking on a tab reveals all the frequent beep codes, allowing you to easily navigate throughout the list and select the one that matches your situation. Doing so displays a text that can indicate the possible cause of the error and solutions that you can try to solve the issue and make your computer boot again.

One advantage of this application is portability, which means that you can load it directly from a removable drive you connect to another PC, since yours is not working.

Beep Codes Viewer can help you understand the significance of the beeps emited by a computer that fails to boot. Aside from the diagnosing functionality, it also provides solutions to the identified problem, but the rest is up to you. If you try out its suggestions and nothing seems to work, it might be wiser to take the computer to an expert.

Beep Codes Viewer was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
Beep Codes Viewer - Beep Codes Viewer will provide users with quick and easy analysis of BIOS beep codesBeep Codes Viewer - Users will be able to view the beep code information for various BIOS such as AMI, AST, AWARD, Compaq, IBM or PhoenixBeep Codes Viewer - Each and every beep code is explained in the bottom section of the main interface window upon selectionBeep Codes Viewer - screenshot #4Beep Codes Viewer - screenshot #5Beep Codes Viewer - screenshot #6Beep Codes Viewer - screenshot #7

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