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A simple and intuitive application that helps you monitor the status of your computer CPU, also providing you with one-click access to Task Manager

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Berke Tools is a lightweight and easy to handle software solution which aims to assist you in monitoring the state of your CPU, your network speed and the usage of the C drive, through a set of animated icons in your notification area.

Simple yet functional appearance

The interface of the application is extremely basic and quite unimpressive, displaying the retrieved information in a medium-sized, non-adjustable window.

When closed, the program retreats to the system tray, in not one, but three different icons, each one with its individual functions.

Monitor your CPU and network speed, or launch Task Manager with a click

Berke Tools aims to keep you informed about the status of your computer’s activity, specifically the CPU performance, in percentage, the network speed in MB and the usage level of the C drive, providing real-time data about them.

The utility lets you manually adjust the ‘Sampling Interval’ by means of a slider. As such, it can range from as much as 5 seconds to 0.1 seconds. In addition, you can also learn Berke Tools’ total ‘Runtime’.

The system tray icons allow you to open the C disk or launch Task Manager, depending on which one you click. In accordance with the intensity of your activity, the icons will flicker in various colors, signaling the CPU or the network usage. The displayed data however, is not gathered or logged to any file, to be reviewed later.

A simple performance monitoring instrument

To sum it up, Berke Tools proves to be a handy albeit rather limited utility that can help you monitor your processor’s activity, as well as the network speed and the usage of the C drive, with little to no intervention required from you.

Berke Tools was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 31st, 2014
Berke Tools - Berke Tools is a simple application that displays real-time information about the CPU usage and the network traffic.Berke Tools - Berke Tools also generates a chart to help you view the evolution of the CPU load over time.Berke Tools - With Berke Tools you can also analyze your hard disk and determine which folder take up most space.

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