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This application will display a list containing all the processes running on your system

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CurrProcess is a Windows process manager that shows all running processes and lets you kill or set priorities for any of the displayed items.

The application comprises a very clean interface that perfectly brings the great amount of information it provides in the spotlight, letting users easily read process details.

CurrProcess automatically scans and detects running processes, with an auto-refresh utility to reload the list and also display the newly launched processes.

The main window shows a wide array of information, such as process name and ID, priority, product name, version, description and company, window title, file size, creation date, file name, memory usage, page faults, pagefile usage and file attributes.

The bottom of the main window on the other hand is exclusively designed for modules, letting you see all items associated to a running process. Again an avalanche of information is available, including module name and size, base address, version, description, size and file attributes.

Right clicking on any of the displayed processes lets you set priorities or kill the items, while dedicated features enable you to generate HTML reports comprising all the displayed information.

Additionally, CurrProcess allows its users to dump memory of a selected process into a text file, copy the process or module information to the clipboard or generate a list with all running processes that can be then saved to text or HTML.

CurrProcess doesn’t affect the overall performance of the computer, running just fine on all Windows versions.

All in all, CurrProcess is a handy piece of software that’s not only very friendly with hardware resources, but it’s also equipped with a great amount of features, all of them grouped in a very well-organized interface.

CurrProcess was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 26th, 2012
CurrProcess - This is the main window fo CurrProcess that allows you to access all the functions of the application.CurrProcess - With a simple right-click on the selected items you can manage those entries from the context menu that will appear.CurrProcess - The module menu of v will allow you to manage the modules, choose the displayed columns or dump memory.

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