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Disc Space Reporter - Disk space information tool





The idea is simple. Imagine you are using a Win32 operating system. Furthermore imagine you have cramed your hard disks and you have no idea where you wasted all the disk space again.

Yes, there is no easy way to find that out. That's the reason why I created Disc Space Reporter.

Disc Space Reporter is a simple and effective application which gives you a clear insight where you stuffed your hard drives with data you don't even remember anymore.

The most important feature is the drive usage report. After creating the report your drives are shown in the typical tree structure. For each folder the following information are displayed:

■ Space which the folder occupies including its sub folders.
■ The percentage of space which it covers of its parent folder.
■ The percentage of space which it reserves in terms of the entire drive.
■ Space that the folder uses without taking its sub folders into account.
Last updated on February 24th, 2007
Disc Space ReporterDisc Space ReporterDisc Space Reporter

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