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An application that monitors your hard disk and displays detailed information about the used disk space for every available drive

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Since movies, applications and video games get larger and larger every day, hard disk have to keep up and offer increased disk space as well.

But even so, you still need to keep an eye on your drives, in order to avoid unpleasant situations and run out of available space.

Monitor your hard disk space in real-time

Disk Watchman is an application that enables you to continuously manage all of your partitions and know exactly how much free space you have on any of the available drives. In addition, the information is updated in real-time, so you can see the changes as soon as you copy or delete something.

Although the main window can be set up to always stay on top of all other applications, you can still miss the moment when one of your drives is about to run out of space. For those kind of situations, the utility enables you to create various types of notifications, including message boxes, sounds or emails.

View reports about duplicate files and disk changes

If you want a better perspective over the state of your drives, you can request detailed reports regarding a wide range of statistics and data. Whether you want to take a look at the latest disk changes, or you want to perform a scan for the total number of duplicate files that plague your system, the generated reports display all of the information you need.

Furthermore, Disk Watchman can be configured to have minimal impact on your system and blend into your desktop, by adjusting the window transparency and choosing the preferred background color. In addition, you can enable the sticker view and transform the application in a minimalistic box that can easily be keep anywhere on your screen without interfering with the rest of the running processes.

Closing arguments

All in all, thanks to the wide array of notification options and the ergonomic sticker view mode, Disk Watchman can be a welcomed addition to your system monitoring toolkit, especially if you happen to handle a lot of files on a regular basis and you need to keep track of the amount of free space on your computer.

Disk Watchman was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
Disk Watchman - The main window of the application displays information about the available drives on your system.Disk Watchman - You can manage the visible columns, view reports and create notifications by accessing the right-click menu.Disk Watchman - The view menu enables you to activate the click-through mode and change the window transparency.Disk Watchman - screenshot #4Disk Watchman - screenshot #5Disk Watchman - screenshot #6Disk Watchman - screenshot #7Disk Watchman - screenshot #8Disk Watchman - screenshot #9Disk Watchman - screenshot #10Disk Watchman - screenshot #11Disk Watchman - screenshot #12

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