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The ultimate software cooler for your CPU

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The working parameters of your system hardware components are very important because too high or too low values often result in system overheating and crashes. Hardware Sensors Monitor is, as its name suggests, an application that makes sure your hardware is not working outside the safe and optimal parameters.

The application supports a wide variety of motherboards and notebooks and allows you to monitor the temperature values, each core of the CPU, the hard disk, the speed of cooling fans and various voltage values. In addition, the program generates graphs that display the evolution of the temperatures and cooler fans RPM data.

With the help of this program, you can also view detailed information about your system (such as the CPU type and clock frequencies or the motherboard manufacturer and model) and generate reports.

Changing the thermal throttle control device and the corresponding temperature limits, correcting the temperatures (in order to display it accurately on some CPU types that do not have an embedded temperature probe) or changing the temperature scale are additional features this program comes with.

Furthermore, the software allows you to manually configure the thresholds for each monitored parameter and enable warning messages. When the measured parameter exceeds set thresholds (whether it is a temperature value, fan RPM data or core voltages), you are notified through an audio alert or you can set Hardware Sensors Monitor to run a program of your choice.

It can also run in the background, providing access to its features by using the tray menu. Thus, you can find out hardware parameters information just by hovering the mouse cursor over the system tray icon. Right-clicking on the icon allows you to stop the monitoring process, restore the main interface and access the settings.

Combining simplicity and ease of use with efficiency, Hardware Sensors Monitor is a must-have tool for any user who wants to control the operating parameters of the computer and keep the system stable.

Hardware Sensors Monitor was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 31st, 2015
Hardware Sensors Monitor - Hardware Sensors Monitor will provide users with the ultimate software cooler for their CPUHardware Sensors Monitor - The contextual menu will help you quickly and easily select from options such as temperatures, HDDs, coolers or voltagesHardware Sensors Monitor - Users will be able to fully customize the application within the Settings panel of the programHardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #4Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #5Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #6Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #7Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #8Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #9Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #10Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #11Hardware Sensors Monitor - screenshot #12

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