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A very useful rootkit scanner and system information utility that keeps common threats at bay while also providing a report on active processes

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IceSword serves to scan your computer for rootkits, continuously monitoring the traffic on the system in order to identify and block potential threats.

Its secondary purpose is to provide users with an extensive report on the processes running on the PC, including hidden ones that might conceal rootkits or other types of malware.

The program has been on the market for longer than we can remember and unfortunately, has reached a stage where it’s no longer being actively maintained. However, it can still be useful if you’re looking for a quick method of detecting malicious processes.

IceSword delivers a very high amount of information that can be interpreted by more advanced users, thereby it is not aimed at beginners.

It comes inside a portable package, which means it is minimally invasive, leaving the system registry untouched, as opposed to installers which are known to modify several keys.

The interface sports a basic appearance, displaying everything there is to know intuitively, via a sidebar that encases many functions.

As such, you can view process information, with the possibility of halting suspicious entries, access port related details, as well as to trigger an overview of the kernel modules and startup items that are active on your computer.

A scan process is carried out in a fair amount of time, delivering a detailed report of the identified threats, if any.

In addition to these security components, you will also find a registry browser and a file explorer embedded inside the main window.

All in all, IceSword may be old and outdated, but still serves its purpose right. The main drawback is that it’s compatible only with Windows 2000, 2003 and XP.

IceSword was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 13th, 2013
IceSword - IceSword's main window, displaying a list of all the running processes, including the hidden ones that no other application will display.IceSword - The Port feature of IceSword shows a detailed list of all the port connections, the protcol that was used, the local and foreign address and the port state.IceSword - The Kernel Module window, where you can see a complete list of the kernel files available on your system.IceSword - The Startup window shows the programs that are set to run at your computer startup.IceSword - The Win32 Services window allows you to see the Windows services that have been installed on your system.IceSword - The SPI windows provides information about the SPI processes including the protocol, DLL path and provider ID.IceSword - The Advanced Scan feature of IceSword will display the results of a module hooks scanning operation.IceSword - The Create Process Rule window allows you to create a rule for the selected process.IceSword - The Settings window lets you customize the application's behaviour according to your needs and preferences.

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