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A lightweight and straightforward application that allows you to record every installed program on each computer under your management

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Computer network administrators need to store information about each computer in their network, such as the software installed on each one. This way, they are able to determine which computer needs some upgrades or new software installation.

InStalled Programs is a sturdy piece of software that can help you keep track of every program installed on each computer under your management, useful for workgroups or closed network system administrators.

Handy utility for multiple computers management

The application allows you to quickly record and keep track of every program or software update installed on each computer under your administration. This way, you can check anytime if one of the computers you manage is up to date or if it is missing some programs.

Additionally, you can insert new rows and columns, depending on the number of programs installed on your computers. You can quickly find your programs by using the search tool. Doing so enables you to quickly jump to the computer or program in need.

Fast and simplistic computer administration tool

InStalled Programs provides you with a spreadsheet-like list for storing information about installed software and updates on each computer under your management. Each entry can be quickly edited, in case that you updated a program that changed his name, for instance.

On top of that, you can add certain files stored on each computer, not just programs. This can help you quickly determine which computer stores a specific file, without having to start each one and manually search for it.


To sum it up, InStalled Programs provides you with a simplistic and fast way of storing data about every computer under your management, specifically the programs installed on each. If deployed on a server, the application could be accessed by each computer, allowing fast logging for each one.

InStalled Programs was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
InStalled Programs - InStalled Programs allows you to keep track of the programs installed on each computer under your administration.InStalled Programs - You can quickly select any application for a certain computer column, by choosing it from the list.

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