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A powerful application whose main purpose is to perform a dynamic overclocking of the fans and MSI motherboards, with positive effects on computer performance

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MSI Dual Core Center is an overclocking utility designed for mainboards produced by MSI, aiming to provide better computer performance while monitoring hardware components such as CPU and fans.

MSI Dual Core Center leverages the power of the Dynamic Overclocking Technology (DOT) developed by MSI itself, which continuously detects the pressure put on the CPU and gives it a frequency boost when running heavy applications or games.

In simpler words, the frequency of the processor is adjusted according to your needs. If the load is balanced, the CPU runs at normal speed, but when the charge grows, the DOT technology makes sure that you have enough juice.

MSI Dual Core Center was designed for MSI motherboards exclusively, therefore installing onto a different configuration is not a good idea, as several compatibility issues might occur. The installation process takes a couple of minutes and so does the acquaintance with the main GUI.

In the manner of other overclocking utilities, MSI Dual Core Center adopts a rather unconventional and colorful appearance, but preserves its ease of use. The GUI includes various preset profiles such as AV, Game, Office, Silence and Cool, which contain out-of-the-box settings for various situations such as playing a game.

Also in this section, you will find the current CPU temperature, FSB and clock values and you will be able to personalize the current profile with custom values for both the motherboard clock and fan speed. You can store up to three different profiles, between you can switch seamlessly.

In order to assess the good that the program brings for your daily activities in terms of performance, you can use a third-party utility such as CPU-Z to monitor how the frequency varies depending on the current load.

In conclusion, MSI Dual Core Center is supposed to optimize and increase performance, but only if used correctly. Thereby, a certain degree of tech know-how is required in order to experiment with the program.

MSI Dual Core Center was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 12th, 2014
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