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Identify and obtain the latest drivers for your hardware

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Ma-Config is a useful tool for the users who want to find out more details about the configuration of their computer. It is designed to check the configuration and to send the information to the developer’s website in order to view the detailed report.

It is an easy to use tool which does not need any configuration in order to run the scan on the local machine and to load the report in a Internet browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. The report can easily be printed if you want to store the information for later analysis.

The report displayed in the browser mainly contains information about the operating system and the hardware components such as the motherboard, video adapter and hard drive. However, this is just a summary and you can also view details about installed software, system paths and even startup items.

During the installation the program offers you the option to use it locally or to scan all the computers from the local network. The network mode allows you to check all the systems from the network with one click and to generate full reports in a short time.

When using this tool for scanning multiple computers, you can can configure the connection ports and set a password in order to prevent unauthorized access to the information. The network administrator can later enter the parameters in the Settings window in order to connect to the workstations.

The app is also able to retrieve the configuration from computers that are not connected to the Internet. The Offline detection feature enables you to run the scan and store the information in a file that can be submitted in order to generate the report.

During our tests, Ma-Config scanned the system in just a few seconds and provided accurate information for both the hardware and software components. It is a reliable tool for analysing the configuration of any computer.

Ma-Config was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 4th, 2015
Ma-Config - Ma-Config will help you quickly and easily identify and obtain the latest drivers for your hardwareMa-Config - The Core components section will provide users with motherboard, processor, chipset or memory informationMa-Config - Users will be able to view the harddrives as well as the CD/DVD readers details within the Storage areaMa-Config - screenshot #4Ma-Config - screenshot #5Ma-Config - screenshot #6Ma-Config - screenshot #7Ma-Config - screenshot #8Ma-Config - screenshot #9Ma-Config - screenshot #10Ma-Config - screenshot #11Ma-Config - screenshot #12

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