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A very simplistic, yet efficient application that was designed with the purpose of showing you how much memory an active process is consuming

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MemorySizeCounter is a very straightforward program that can measure the amount of memory a certain process is consuming presently.

Typically, you are able to find these details using Windows’ Task Manager, however, this approach might be regarded as challenging for beginners. A much simpler method is to use a third-party application such as MemorySizeCounter, which can provide you with detailed usage statistics for any active process.

Nonetheless, the program was not designed as a replacement for Task Manager, because it carries out a purely informational task, as opposed to the advanced controls provided by the latter.

MemorySizeCounter does not need installation, hence it is a portable application. The main window of the program is rather simple and rudimentary, sporting a few suggestive controls that allow you to manipulate its behavior.

It’s important to mention that MemorySizeCounter was primarily designed to retrieve RAM usage for browsers, which is why there’s a dedicated command inside the main window that allows you to trigger details for major navigators (if they are active in the system’s memory), such as Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera.

However, it is possible to query other processes, too, by specifying their name in the dedicated box. The report for an application that relies on a single process will include the total amount of memory used by that specific process, while in the case of multi-process based applications (such as Chrome), the overview will consist of extensive information such as the most consuming or the less exhaustive process.

The obvious truth about MemorySizeCounter is that it’s a very simple application that accomplishes a fairly common task. Nonetheless, it could benefit beginners that don’t have the computer know-how to retrieve process information using Windows’ built-in functions.

MemorySizeCounter was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
MemorySizeCounter - MemorySizeCounter retrieves the amount of memory a process is currently occupying.

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