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A practical, reliable and useful utility whose main purpose is to help you get basic details about your current motherboard with ease

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Motherboard Detector is, as its name implies, a system utility tool that detects your currently installed motherboard and displays basic information about it such as model, manufacturer, name, product code, slot layout, status and version.

The above mentioned program aims to provide you with all the information regarding the detected motherboard and enables you to print the displayed information with ease. Since Motherboard Detector does not require you to install it, you’ll just have to press the ‘Get Details’ button, displayed in the main window, then wait for the application to retrieve all the necessary data.

However, the drawbacks of the program reside on its functionality considering that it does not allow you to save a file with all the basic details, but it enables you to print it for later use. Also, advanced options are not presented within the application.

What’s more, for those users who need to view other information than basic data, here referring to temperatures (CPU, hard drive, graphics), voltages, fans (including fan speed), system tray information, interval logs or alarm options, Motherboard Detector might not be an ideal solution and professional users can rely on other applications that display such details.

Since it comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, the program might come in handy for beginner users who simply need to view minimum details about their connected motherboard.

All in all, Motherboard Detector is aimed at novices who are looking to view and print basic data about their motherboard; professional users might need to search for other programs that display information regarding temperature, voltages or fan speeds and allow them to perform advanced operations.

Motherboard Detector was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
Motherboard Detector - With the help of Motherboard Detector you are able to view details about your motherboard such as manufacturer and serial number

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