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A lightweight digital tool that enables you to obtain diverse and detailed information about your computer configuration and grants you access to OS tools

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PC Solution is an application which provides an efficient and straightforward means of gathering and viewing information about your operating system and hardware configuration. Apart from that, it also offers a section in its interface from where you can access the primary features and tools for the OS.

Get started with a user-friendly interface

As far as accessibility goes, PC Solution is that kind of tool which seems to fit any type of user, regardless of experience. It has a rather self-explanatory graphical user interface that looks nice and works just as well.

It’s comprised out of three main sections for PC info, Control Panel features and hardware detail extraction. Each one has a comprehensive layout and guarantees that PC Solution is easy to use no matter what you intend to do.

Extract general and detailed information about your computer

As far as software goes, PC Solution can only extract details about the operating system to display in a neat table. When it comes to audio players, drivers, photo editing tools and other common applications, the utility in discussion can’t help you out directly.

In hardware terms, things are different. It enables you to pinpoint components and gather information for battery, BIOS, fans, graphics adaptor, hard drive, monitor, memory, processor and more. After choosing any of the aforementioned, PC Solution takes a few seconds to obtain the data and displays it in detail.

Get Control Panel Shortcuts

PC Solution also acts as a shortcuts host for a multitude of features and tools that are found in Control Panel. These certainly come in handy for less experienced users who might have a hard time locating them or for those who simply want to avoid a few unnecessary clicks.

Simple and efficient

To sum things up, PC Solution is a practical tool to have on your computer even though it does lack the ability to export obtained information even to a simple text file. It does however run smoothly and takes up very little of your system resources.

PC Solution was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
PC Solution - PC Solution enables you to obtain various information about your computer configuration access various systme tools.PC Solution - From the PC Info section you are able to view OS version, username, uptime and OS architecture.PC Solution - You have shortcuts to OS tools such as Defrag, Disk Management, Windows Firewall and Event Viewer from the Control Panel section.PC Solution - screenshot #4PC Solution - screenshot #5

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