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Powerful system information utility designed for software and hardware display, featuring reports and multiple kinds of benchmarks for advanced users

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PC Wizard is an advanced application designed to monitor and display the hardware and software configuration of your computer. It also provides several handy benchmarks, reports and other useful features, mainly catering to power users.

Ad-supported tool with a user-friendly interface

Setting up PC Wizard does not take a long time. By default, it installs all components and users may exclude the web update tool and benchmarks. Since it is ad-supported, the app offers to install third-party utilities that it does not actually require to work properly; they can be excluded from setup.

At startup, the app creates an icon in the system tray area, where it gets sent on minimize. It also displays CPU and GFX information on the upper right corner of the screen. The main window is clear-cut, keeping the system summary and details regarding the mainboard, processor, video, I/O ports, drives, printers, devices, multimedia, network, power status, voltage, temperature, fans, power supply monitoring and Windows Hardware Experience index information neatly organized into separate areas.

Examine information and generate reports

A large amount of data can be examined, such as touch support, installed ports, drive sizes, total shares and computers in the local network, processor voltage, graphics card and core temperatures, along with S.M.A.R.T. attributes. Selected entries can be copied to the Clipboard or all data with detailed or just drivers information can be saved to external files.

View software configuration details

Additional info can be investigated when it comes to general operating system details (e.g. system uptime), DOS, web browsers (e.g. Java Runtime version), control panel applets, desktop elements (e.g. time zone, regional settings), threads and processes, DLLs, OLE objects, Microsoft applications, fonts, Windows updates and patches, and so on. Once again, data can be copied or compiled into reports.

Run benchmarks easily

PC Wizard can test Windows to obtain an overall performance rating or evaluate global performance, the processor, multiple threads, cache and memory, global or latency memory, video / DirectX 3D, hard disk, DVD-ROM, removable disks, MP3 compression, or CUDA. Furthermore, it is possible to find out overclocking details, analyze processor monitoring graphs, save the hardware registers to file, as well as access Device Manager without leaving the interface.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool has a good response time and did not hang, crash or pop up error messages in our tests. It sports an impressive range of benchmarks and shows many useful details concerning various hardware and software components. However, it showed some inaccurate information in our tests, such as the default web browser. We must also take into account that PC Wizard has not been updated for a while.

PC Wizard was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 19th, 2015
PC Wizard - PC Wizard provides you with a complete information set regarding your system's hardware configuration.PC Wizard - With PC Wizard you can find out details concerning your motherboard, physical memory and more.PC Wizard - PC Wizard displays data about the processor, its frequency, the number of cores, and so on.PC Wizard - screenshot #4PC Wizard - screenshot #5PC Wizard - screenshot #6PC Wizard - screenshot #7PC Wizard - screenshot #8PC Wizard - screenshot #9PC Wizard - screenshot #10PC Wizard - screenshot #11PC Wizard - screenshot #12PC Wizard - screenshot #13PC Wizard - screenshot #14PC Wizard - screenshot #15PC Wizard - screenshot #16PC Wizard - screenshot #17PC Wizard - screenshot #18

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