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The PCI32 application was designed to be a simple command line tool that will generate a report with all the information regarding your system harware. PCI32 is a console mode program - you run it from the command prompt. The results appear in text form in the command prompt window

PCI32 is different to most so-called "Diagnostic" programs, in that it totally bypasses Windows, Drivers, ACPI and the BIOS, and instead communicates directly with the actual hardware at the lowest possible level - unlike so-called diagnostic programs which merely report what the Windows API's and/or registry report, regardless of it's accuracy. PCI32 will show you what's REALLY going on, not just what Windows thinks is happening.
Last updated on December 25th, 2007
PCI32 - The main window of PCI32, where you will be able to view a full detailed report list with all the hardware information.

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A quick and crude PCI device-list display


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