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On-the-fly adjustment of the CPU multiplier, voltage level, OS load, temperature and more, using this tiny and portable app with rich features

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Hardware monitoring is vital for the well-being of any computer and can be performed nowadays via a wide range of software solutions that offer you a hint about the health of the components which constitute your system. The most important and relevant information is the one with regard to the CPU.

RightMark CPU Clock Utility is bent on providing insights into the CPU's most significant parameters and allowing users to create profiles for various power and performance scenarios.

Portable tool with a neatly organized UI

The app  is completely portable, so you can carry it around on a removable drive without burdening your system's registry. Its main and only window is structured in several sections, each of them providing you access to a whole new set of features. The CPU information can easily be accessed from the designated field and it includes data regarding the model, core, revision and unique signature, as well as core clock, CPU and OS load, temperature, multiplier and voltage values.

Examine hardware configuration via graphs

The Monitoring module displays graphically the core clock and throttle, the CPU / OS load, frequency, voltage and the core temperature. From the Management section you can configure the Multi-CPU load calculation method, standby/hibernate actions and the settings regarding CPU defaults.

Configure settings in details

The Profiles management is a wider section that includes scenarios for both AC power and battery mode. From here, you can edit five different CPU performance states by manually adjusting the CPU multiplier (FID) and the requested voltage level (VID). What's more, by enabling P-State transitions (PST), it is possible to design power-saving schemes based on these values. More advanced power management settings can be accomplished through the Performance On Demand feature, which aside from P-State transitions, is also based on tweaking the throttle paramaters.

Other sections of RightMark CPU Clock Utility enable you to view battery information if you run it on a laptop, to set up various power state configurations, and fine-tune the settings for the P-State transitions.


All in all, the application permits a state-of-the-art calibration for CPU and power management scenarios and is, without a doubt, an advanced solution for monitoring the processor's health. Even though it sports a plethora of features, it's not complicated to work with, so both beginner and professional users can benefit from it. On the other hand, RightMark CPU Clock Utility has not been updated for a very long time.

RightMark CPU Clock Utility was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
RightMark CPU Clock Utility - From the Settings area of RightMark CPU Clock Utility users can configure the graph's colors and startup options.RightMark CPU Clock Utility - Get CPU info in this area: core clock, throttle, CPU load, OS load, core temperature and more.RightMark CPU Clock Utility - In the Monitoring section of RightMark CPU Clock Utility you can analyze CPU core clock an throttle, load, frequency or voltage.RightMark CPU Clock Utility - Adjust CPU performance versus power management settings in this section of RightMark CPU Clock Utility.RightMark CPU Clock Utility - screenshot #5RightMark CPU Clock Utility - screenshot #6RightMark CPU Clock Utility - screenshot #7RightMark CPU Clock Utility - screenshot #8RightMark CPU Clock Utility - screenshot #9

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