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Displays the structure of your drive in detail and identifies identical directories, helping you identify duplicates so as to delete them and free up disk space

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SearchDirLists provides you with detailed information concerning the structure of your local drives, saving directory listings and generating a conclusive graphical representation that shows you which folders occupy most storage space.

Analyze the structure of your drives

Its interface is not the best we've seen, but it tries to keep things as simple as possible, comprising clear options organized in separate tabs.

You start by entering the path of the volume you want it to analyze and select a location for the output directory listing file. SearchDirLists can process more than one drive at a time, enabling you to organize them in groups.

Once the directory listing file is saved, navigate to the 'Browse' tab to get a more detailed overview of the disk anatomy and its properties.

Displays disk usage graphical representation and compare folders

The colored disk usage graphical representation is what immediately catches the eye, enabling you to easily discover the directories that take up most storage space by clicking on the largest rectangles. The application reports on the total disk size and the number of folders and files it contains, the available space, the file system type and other information.

In a similar way, each of the folders on the disk can be analyzed separately. SearchDirLists shows you the creation date, its size and generates another structure representation.

Additionally, you can use SearchDirLists to compare two different folders by viewing their content and the disk usage side by side.

Another of its features is the so-called 'copy scratchpad' where you can enter the name of the folders you intend to create a backup for.

A promising disk usage analysis utility

SearchDirLists shows a lot of potential, but a facelift of the GUI wouldn't hurt. It helps you determine the files and folders that take up a lot of storage space, find duplicates by automatically correlating identical directories and examine disk usage in detail.

SearchDirLists was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
SearchDirLists - SearchDirLists enables you to enter the path of the desired drive and the location of the directory listing file.SearchDirLists - SearchDirLists enables you to view the structure of your drive using the generated graphical representation.

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