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Get detailed information about various processes and connections on your system by using this lightweight and easy to understand piece of software

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System Explorer is one of the tools able to provide an in-depth analysis of your computer, displaying valuable information concerning the start-up programs, the running processes or the network connections.

One of the aces up its sleeve is definitely the interface. Very pleasant and intuitive, with nifty tabs at the top of the main window, System Explorer's GUI makes everything very easy to use, thus addressing not only advanced users, but also beginners.

The tab bar can be fully customized to show exactly the information you want, so there are many choices to be made among tasks, processes, performance, additional info, uninstallers, modules, connections, autoruns, services, drivers, networking, WMI browser, history, snapshots, users and security info.

One of the most useful goodies in the whole application is the security scan that checks the running processes for suspicious activity using an online security database. In plain English, the processes will be scanned online through VirusTotal and Jotti services, so you should be on the safe side all the time.

System Explorer also comprises a settings screen with options concerning the way the app looks and works. For instance, you can choose to show fractional CPU usage and graphs, set System Explorer as the default task manager or enable history monitoring.

The amount of information provided by System Explorer is absolutely impressive and this is the thing you will definitely like the most. There are tons of details in every single tab, along with graphs and useful tips, keeping the user up-to-date with what's happening with the system all the time.

All things considered, it's hard not to be impressed with System Explorer. It provides virtually all the information you will ever need on your computer and it runs on low resources.

System Explorer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 19th, 2015
System Explorer - The main window of System Explorer allows users to view the currently running processes and run security scansSystem Explorer - From the Performance tab, users can learn about the degree of processor and RAM / Swap usageSystem Explorer - The connections tab enables users to learn various details about UDP and TCP / IP connectionsSystem Explorer - screenshot #4System Explorer - screenshot #5System Explorer - screenshot #6System Explorer - screenshot #7System Explorer - screenshot #8System Explorer - screenshot #9

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