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A small, yet reliable software application that aims to provide detailed information about your computer system via a collection of VBscripts

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System Scanner is a fairly simple application that can fetch detailed reports on the resources of a computer in a slightly unconventional manner. By this, we mean that the tasks are carried out by Visual Basic scripts and the reports are saved to text files, which are automatically exported to the installation directory.

System Scanner does not feature an actual interface and for that reason alone, it may seem unappealing to many users, especially beginners. However, the richness of the information retrieved with its aid might come as an attractive aspect for system administrators and generally, a more advanced audience.

The program relies on a simple installation process that ends pretty quickly, but without creating a desktop shortcut. However, it does generate a startup folder from where you can launch it or alternatively, you can manually navigate to the installation folder and double-click the VBscript responsible for the task.

Upon launch, the program will trigger an inspection of the system resources, which turns out to be a very short process that pays a great deal of results. Information related to partitions, BIOS, printers, drivers, slots, sound cards, the processor, motherboard, boot configuration, to name a few, is going to be delivered in separate text files.

These will be saved in the installation folder of the program, so they can be accessed, edited and printed at any time. However, the interpretation of the information is up to the user, who is required to have some degree of computer knowledge in order to understand it.

Bottom line, System Scanner is aimed at professional users who need a detailed report on the configuration of a computer. Despite the fact that there’s no interface to the program, an experienced audience will have no problem decoding the information comprised in the output reports.

System Scanner was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 28th, 2014

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