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With this simple and user-friendly application, you have the possibility of monitoring how your system uses its resources in real-time

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SysINFO is a lightweight and efficient piece of software whose main purpose is to help you keep an eye on your computer’s general status, enabling you to quickly learn of an increased CPU usage, for instance.

Clean and intuitive looks

The interface of the program is fairly simple and appealing, featuring the main types of data in neatly structured sections, namely ‘CPU Info’, ‘RAM Info’, ‘Net Usage’ and ‘Video Info’.

When closed, the application is able to retreat to the notification area, so as to prevent from interfering with your regular activities, but still be able to perform its tasks.

Easily monitor your system’s CPU and Internet usage

SysINFO is able to retrieve and display information about various different areas of your system, such as ‘CPU Info’, where you can learn what your PC’s processor type is, the number of cores and the level of usage in percentage.

The ‘RAM Info’ section displays the ‘Total’ available memory, the currently ‘Used’ amount and the ‘Free’ memory, while the ‘NET Usage’ function informs you of your total Internet traffic, as well as the downloaded and uploaded data. In the ‘Video Info’ field, you can find out how much video memory you have at your disposal.

SysINFO is quite handy, but both its functions and its appearance allow little room for customization. In addition, the utility features a rather slow reaction speed, particularly when you try moving it to another location on your screen.

A simple system monitoring tool

To conclude, SysINFO is a useful, albeit rather limited application that aims to offer you real-time details about your system’s CPU, memory and Internet usage levels, without requiring any additional effort from you.

SysINFO was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 5th, 2014
SysINFO - The main window of SysINFO allows you to view CPU and memory usage information in real timeSysINFO - From the Settings window, you can configure  the application to run at Windows startup, minimized to the system tray

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