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A reliable, useful and practical application designed for Toshiba users that proactively checks your machine and alerts you to issues ahead of time

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Toshiba PC Health Monitor is a straightforward and effective software solution that tracks battery performance and keeps your laptop secure so you can avoid forced shutdowns or system crashes.

Specially designed for Toshiba laptops, this application notifies you each time your machine is overheating and your CPU temperature is higher than expected. It quickly monitors and analyzes a number of system functions such as power consumption and system cooling. Thus, each time these levels reach high values, you will be informed of significant system conditions.

Toshiba PC Health Monitor sports an intuitive interface and helps you to view, monitor and analyze CPU and internal system temperatures, FAN speed and system power consumption. This way, you have the possibility to protect your hard drives and data from sudden shocks.

The main dashboard provides you with all the menus and options that can be configured in order to obtain the best performance of your Toshiba laptop.

Because of the additional features that it comes with, the previously mentioned application also allows you to perform various diagnostic tests, along with easy steps you can take to make your machine perform better.

On an ending note, for Toshiba laptop owners, Toshiba PC Health Monitor can actually do a great job when it comes to monitoring FAN speed, CPU temperature and battery health. Thanks to its usability and user-friendly interface, the utility proves to be a real asset, especially for those who wish to protect their computer by avoiding unnecessary stress on the components mentioned before.

Toshiba PC Health Monitor was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on October 30th, 2013

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