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Lightweight tool which enables you to capture OutoputDebugString events and ETW providers traces, without affecting the system’s performance

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Trace Spy is a software application that provides users with an alternative to SysInternals DebugView and a simple method of grabbing information from OutoputDebugString events and ETW providers traces.

The upper hand of a portable app

The installation process is not a necessity, as this product is portable. As a consequence, unlike installers, it is not going to add any new items to the Windows registry or Start menu/screen and it is not going to leave any kind of traces behind after its removal.

Another important aspect that should be mentioned is that it is possible to run Trace Spy on any computer you have been granted access to and take it everywhere with you, by simply copying the program files to a removable data device.

Straightforward environment

The interface is minimal and intuitive, thus enabling both beginners and highly experienced people to find their way around it. Nonetheless, the lingo present all throughout the utility might pose some difficulties for the lesser experienced users.

View capture information and tweak options

Starting the capture is a one-click operation, while you should know that all results are going to be displayed in the main window along with information such as process, texts, ticks, process id and ETF description.

Moreover, you can add new ETW providers, as well as change font type, stile and size, insert or edit filters and use a search function too look for items with more ease.

Bottom line

To conclude, Trace Spy is a pretty efficient piece of software, which only requires a minimal amount of CPU and memory, even during the capturing process. We did not encounter any errors, bugs or crashes during our tests, the response time was pretty good, yet it remains a tool mostly dedicated to power users.

Trace Spy was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
Trace Spy - The main window of Trace Spy allows users to start or stop capturing any occurring processesTrace Spy - The Edit menu of the application enables users to copy text or a full line as well as set the preferred fontTrace Spy - From the Options menu, users can capture events, remove empty lines and resolve process namesTrace Spy - screenshot #4Trace Spy - screenshot #5Trace Spy - screenshot #6Trace Spy - screenshot #7

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