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A practical piece of software that you can use to effortlessly determine the hardware configuration of your computer in a few steps

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Tweaking.com - Hardware Identify Portable is an application designed to help you discover hardware components that are installed on your computer. It’s a tool that requires no special knowledge to operate and delivers the results you need in a matter of seconds.

Straightforward approach for hardware identification

Tweaking.com - Hardware Identify Portable is a utility that you can carry with you anywhere you want using a Flash drive as it does not require installation to work. This makes it a handy tool to have around if you’re in the PC repair business and need to extract that kind of data on the fly.

View all your PC hardware in a neat list

After its fast yet thorough scan, Tweaking.com - Hardware Identify Portable displays the results in a well organized list that is split into multiple columns. You get all the component information grouped by name, manufacturer, error code, class, driver version and hardware ID.

The application also comes with a feature that proves very effective for when you want to view components that follow a certain criteria. It enables you to show only hardware that does not have its drivers installed, that which has problems and you can choose to list all components with the exception of the standard system devices.

Search for component drivers online

Tweaking.com - Hardware Identify Portable can’t download the exact drivers you need for your components to work. It can however help you shorten the time it takes to find them by allowing you to search the Internet using information it possesses.

With a simple right-click on any of the list items, it brings out a context menu which provides the options to lookup the device in a database or search Google using the component name or ID.

If you’re not really into looking yourself, you can copy the information and paste it into an email or a report which you can then submit to your vendor or support service.

A comprehensive hardware identification tool

To sum things up, though it doesn’t offer all that many features, Tweaking.com - Hardware Identify Portable is indeed a more than practical tool which can definitely be helpful.

Hardware Identify Portable was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 20th, 2015
Hardware Identify Portable - The main window of the application displays all the hardware that is currently installed onto your PCHardware Identify Portable - You can right-click any of the records in order to copy the selected driver version or manufacturer nameHardware Identify Portable - You have the possibility to customize the looks of Hardware Identify Portable as you see fit

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