Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V1.0.1.1899

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A system monitor that enables you to keep an eye on your CPU and memory usage statistics, with the ability to display metrics at individual VM level

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Your computer is constantly running multiple applications and system processes at the same time, all of which take their toll on the CPU and memory. Thus, it can be useful to be able to closely monitor the resource consumption levels on your machine, in order to keep track of the stress you are putting on its underlying components.

Monitor the CPU and memory usage

Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V is a software application that provides you with a way to monitor your system's vital resources, by displaying information about the total CPU and memory usage at any given time. In addition, you can also view the name of the computer, as well as the number of CPU cores and the total amount of memory installed on the system.

One of the distinguishing traits of the utility, however, is its ability to remotely connect to other machines and servers, by simply specifying their address. Hence, you can monitor multiple stations at the same time, without having to install the application on every system and check each one of them separately.

Modify the monitor update speed

Depending on how often you want the charts to be updated, you can switch between multiple speed modes, such as low, normal or high. In addition, the graphs are brightly colored and they allow you to easily spot any recent usage spikes, as well as have an overview over the entire monitoring period.

As for the hosts connected to the application, they are neatly displayed in a list, along with their name, CPU and memory usage. The computer on which the utility is installed is automatically detected and monitored, while all the other machines need to be manually connected by entering their respective addresses into the designated fields.

A lightweight and reliable system monitor

In the end, what makes Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V special is its ability to offer information about multiple systems at the same time, all from within the same interface. Furthermore, the data is displayed in a clean and intuitive environment, while the controls are easy to put into practice, regardless of any previous experience.

Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V - The main window of the application displays a chart of the total CPU and memory usage.Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V - The dropdown menu allows you to increase or decrease the overall graph update speed.

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