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A lightweight, yet highly intuitive application that helps you seamlessly determine the real-time CPU and RAM usage of your computer

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Sometimes, your computer may act sluggish or suspiciously. Aside from virus attacks or malware programs, one possible cause might me that you have too many unclosed applications, thus stressing your CPU and RAM. In order to properly determine if this is the cause, you can use Webtile System Monitor.

The application displays your real-time CPU and RAM usage, allowing you to perform RAM tests in order to check its stability. The program requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to properly work.

Dependable RAM and CPU monitor

Webtile System Monitor can help you check your real-time CPU and RAM usage, in order to determine how much of each device is busy running application. You are displayed with the percentage of used CPU, your total amount of RAM, along with how much is free and how much is being utilized.

Furthermore, you can perform a RAM test and check if it is stable enough to run certain programs or if it functions without errors. Each tested memory block is validated, and if negative values are returned, there might be an issue with your RAM memory.

Reliable RAM testing tool

With the help of Webtile System Monitor, you can fully or partially test the capabilities of your RAM memory, thanks to the features offered by the program.

For instance, you can test how would your RAM perform while still leaving room for your applications. If a full RAM test would be performed, your computer might freeze or not respond to certain commands until the the test is complete.

A lightweight, yet powerful RAM and CPU monitoring utility

To sum it up, Webtile System Monitor provides you with simple means of checking your real-time CPU and RAM usage, then test the capabilities of your whole RAM or only a certain amount.

Webtile System Monitor was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 14th, 2014
Webtile System Monitor - Webtile System Monitor allows you to view your real-time CPU and RAM usage, then test the latter.

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