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A simple to use and lightweight application that enables you to easily retrieve the registration key for the Microsoft Office program

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zebNet Word Keyfinder is a user-friendly software designed to help you retrieve the registration key for Microsoft Word. The software can detect which edition of the text editor you have installed on your computer, then instantly display the product code in the dedicated field.

Easily detect the version of Office software

zebNet Word Keyfinder can make it easy for you to retrieve the registration key afferent to your Office application. It can easily detect which version of the product is installed on your computer. Thus you can easily find the correct registration key, especially if you have more editions installed at the same time.

The software is designed to retrieve product keys for full Microsoft Office suites, as well as other related applications. However, even if correctly installed on your computer, it is possible that zebNet Word Keyfinder may only recognize Microsoft Access Runtime. It supports multiple editions of Office applications, from 2003, to 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Registration key recovered instantly

The software requires that you only select the correct version of the program, from the drop down menu. zebNet Word Keyfinder displays any version of the Microsoft Office application that it can detect on your computer. Once you have chosen the right edition, the code is retrieved instantly.

When registering a software, the code you enter in order to activate the product is saved in the computer registry, hidden from view. Finding it without the proper tools might take a long time, but zebNet Word Keyfinder can easily identify the location where the key is saved. Moreover, once the code is displayed you may simply select it and use the convenience keys to copy it to clipboard, or click on the Save button, that exports the output to a text file, in a location of your choice.

Retrieving product key is made easy

zebNet Word Keyfinder is designed to help you find the registration key for your Office software, within seconds. The product key is evidence that you have purchased a program and registered it to the developer, making your software legitimate. If you should misplace all records of this code, zebNet Word Keyfinder can help you retrieve it with no effort.

zebNet Word Keyfinder was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
zebNet Word Keyfinder - zebNet Word Keyfinder is a lightweight application that enables you to retrieve the product key for the Microsoft Office program.

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