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An application that monitors, debugs and analyzes serial ports along with the information that passes through them during data communications

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With all of the available data transfer protocols out on the market, it can be difficult to monitor and control different types of devices. There are hardware solutions that can handle the analysis of multiple protocols, but they are usually expensive and not very suitable for more inexperienced users.

232Analyzer is a software solution that can monitor, analyze and debug various kinds of COM protocols, such as RS232, RS485 or RS422.

Switch between debugging and monitoring communication modes

The application can run as a debugger to analyze and control serial port activity, or merely function as a monitor that checks and logs every data packet that's sent or received by the device. The analyzer supports every data format, including ASCII, hexadecimal and binary.

All of the data provided by 232Analyzer can be used to perform checksum calculations, or it can be included into software applications that need to receive information from external devices or control them via the computer using the serial port data feed.

Take advantage of the built-in checksum calculator

232Analyzer comes with an included checksum calculator, which enables you to perform a wide variety of calculations, including bit wise logic, reverse bit order math and mod CRC-16 calculations directly from the application's interface.

Beside the already mentioned data inputs, such as Binary and ASCII, 232Analyzer also allows you to modify the line states for the RS-232 protocol to DSR, DCD and DTR, depending on the requirements of your current project.

In Conclusion

Serial port communication is a widespread protocol used by many devices out there, but there are a lot of variations that can complicate the data transfer process if your tools are not appropriate for the situation.

232Analyzer is a complete solution to all of your problems, thanks to its large spectrum of supported protocols and data formats.

232Analyzer was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 30th, 2014
232Analyzer - The main window enables you to open and listen to COM ports, as well as view a log of the device activity.232Analyzer - You can change between debugging and monitoring mode by accessing the Modes menu.232Analyzer - The Comms menu enables you to open and close ports, as well as access the advanced settings.232Analyzer232Analyzer232Analyzer232Analyzer232Analyzer232Analyzer232Analyzer232Analyzer

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