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A simple utility that provides owners of ASUS computers with a means of keeping the installed software up to date with the latest versions

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Portable and desktop computers from most manufacturers are usually accompanied by one or more software solutions that are designed to add extra value to the package and help users in maintenance and tweaking activities.

Those who are enjoying certain models of ASUS laptops may have a little helper built-in, one that can take care of a really important task, namely that of preserving at all times the installed software to the latest version available.

Called ASUS Easy Update, this program installs smoothly, in case it isn't already present onto the system as a bonus from the manufacturer. Through a simple and clean interface you can control it and, most importantly, this tool will run minimized in your system tray, without clogging the desktop or taskbar.

When you right-click on the tray icon of ASUS Easy Update the main menu unfolds and allows you to access all its functions. Thus, you can bring up the main window that displays the items that are monitored and can be upgraded by this utility.

The application also shows you the details concerning any available update and it monitors the system BIOS, installed drivers and apps as well. In case there is an upgrade that is applicable to any of them, you will see the version of that package and its size.

From the main menu of ASUS Easy Update it is possible to schedule the checks according to your preferences. Thus, you can even set the software to verify on a daily basis if any updates have been issued and are ready to be downloaded and installed.

Other intervals include weekly, monthly, every third day, every second week and every third month verifications. The application's history is also accessible through the tray menu and, as a whole, ASUS Easy Update could prove quite useful.

ASUS Easy Update was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 24th, 2014
ASUS Easy UpdateASUS Easy Update

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