ASUS Live Update

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A utility for keeping your ASUS components up to date

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ASUS Live Update is designed to provide Asus systems (mostly laptops) owners with a utility that continuously looks for new versions of drivers for your computer in order to keep the connection between software and hardware running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, this is only applicable in theory as in practice, most users prefer to get rid of it as soon as their computers boot up for the first time.

Bloatware, as the community refers to any bundled brand-specific product with any of their products, is always seen as software that any user can survive without and, by removing it, your system gains in terms of performance rather than becoming less efficient. Just by looking ‘ASUS Live Update’ up on the Internet, you can get a pretty good idea about the whole thing.

The main problems that many users have bumped into refers to very poor management of both CPU and system memory on one side and Internet experience on the other hand. What ASUS Live Update manages to do instead of being light as a feather is bordering the useless “award” by failing to actually do what it is intended for in the first place.

Furthermore down the road to perdition, ASUS Live Update displays a wild approach towards main system components such as the processor by constantly tackling it and thus killing the overall experience by repetitive stabs to the core. Reports have also confirmed the fact that ASUS Live Update can cause computers to freeze or just become totally unresponsive.

All in all, ASUS Live Update is just as useful as any other application that promises around the clock driver updates. The example list is virtually endless and so is the way these applications actually work. The fact that ASUS signs this application must come as an appraisal. What it really does is throw your opinion about the manufacturer a bit astray.

ASUS Live Update was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 8th, 2013
ASUS Live Update

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