AirLive WL1700USB Wireless Lan Utility

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A handy utility for the WL-1700USB Long Distance Wireless USB Adapter that enables you to get the best out of it and transmit data wirelessly

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AirLive WL1700USB Wireless Lan Utility is the application that comes along with the WL-1700USB long distance wireless USB adapter.

With this adapter you are able to transmit data wirelessly over distances that normally would not be possible with typical adapters. It uses a 5dBi Omni Antenna that is replaceable, giving you the chance to further increase the range at which it can transfer data.

The utility displays a comprehensive, straightforward interface that makes it easy to operate. It’s composed of a main menu, adapter list and properties areas, as well as status and global control bars. These components are all placed in the main window of the application, in plain sight.

It provides you with a wizard that guides you step by step through the configuration process. Accessing it, you can choose to connect to a wireless network through the AP, to a computer-to-computer network and you can also create an Access Point wireless network.

For a better overview of the performance and status of the device, AirLive WL1700USB Wireless Lan Utility displays in its properties area information about the configured device that is in use. It’s from here that you can check the signal strength, link quality and view the throughput diagram.

Being able to handle multiple connected devices at the same time, it’s not a surprise that the utility enables you to create and manage different profiles. You also get a detailed view about the network connections that are present around your system. The application displays for you the SSID, encryption status and signal strength.

Apart from being easy to use, the application also makes sure you get the best out of your device. It offers you a power saving mode that makes it wake up more or less frequent depending on the amount of received packets. You can also set a fragment and RTS threshold.

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a practical means of transmitting data across a long distance with a wireless adapter, WL-1700USB is a good starting point. Especially considering the practical features and ease of use its utility provides.

AirLive WL1700USB Wireless Lan Utility was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 7th, 2013
AirLive WL1700USB Wireless Lan Utility