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Advanced task manager that shows extended process information, system-related details and evolution graphs, as well as lets you terminate processes and export data to file

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Alternate Task Manager is an advanced application which aims to extend the functionality of Windows Task Manager. Apart from viewing valuable information about running processes, it gives you the possibility to terminate their activity, filter them by process ID, as well as analyze system data.

Clear-cut installation and interface

Installing this application is a fast and easy job that shouldn't give you any trouble. It's packed in a user-friendly interface which consists of a single window split into multiple panes, where you can examine the process list and details, along with system-related information.

You can check out the ID of each process, together with its hexadecimal value, window caption and class name, in addition to its executable file. Entries can be filtered by specifying a range of process IDs.

View and save process information

Moreover, you can copy a process' ID to the Clipboard, terminate one or more selected processes and disable confirmation messages for carrying out this action, as well as display only processes with or without a window title, or grouped.

It's possible to refresh data shown in the list and enter a process ID to look up additional information automatically, including window class names, date and time of creation, last modification and last access, file size, page fault count, working set size, page file usage, or peak page file usage.

Alternate Task Manager lets you study evolution graphs based on the working set size, peak working set size, or other aspects, as well as indicate the maximum memory and time interval (in milliseconds). Similarly, you can inspect system-related information, such as physical and virtual memory, memory load, and extended virtual memory. Information can be copied to the Clipboard or saved to file in plain text or CSV format.

Evaluation and conclusion

There were no stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the software utility didn't hang, crash or prompt error dialogs. It had minimal impact on computer performance, running on low CPU and RAM.

Taking into account its intuitive interface and advanced options, Alternate Task Manager should meet the requirements of many users looking for a comprehensive and free task manager.

Alternate Task Manager was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
Alternate Task Manager - The main window of Alternate Task Manager displays all of the currently active processesAlternate Task Manager - In the Process Details tab, you can view additional information about a certain processAlternate Task Manager - The System tab enables you to learn more about the computer you are working on

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