Application Accelerator

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An easy to use and reliable application that helps you maximize the CPU and memory load usage, by changing the priority of certain programs





Application Accelerator optimizes the usage of your CPU and RAM memory usage by changing the priority of your active programs.

When this application installs, you will see an icon that looks like a lightning bolt on your desktop. Every time your PC starts, Application Accelerator will also start.

Double-click this icon and it should appear in your tray menu. To look at some statistics, simply left mouse click the icon in the tray menu and a box will come up outlining memory load, CPU Load, and your LapTop battery percentage.

The Lap Top function will only work if this is installed on a lap top. If you right-mouse click on the lightning icon located in the tray, it will ask you if you want to quit using Application Accelerator. This is the only way that you can disable Application Accelerator.
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
Application Accelerator - The application allows you to monitor and improve the CPU usage and memory load of your computer.

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